Monday, March 5, 2007

Join the Australian Donor Conception Register

Here exists the first comprehensive donor conception register.

This is a place where donor-conceived individuals and donors may provide details about themselves in the hope of being linked. The reigster is entirely run by me, so the process of linking is informal and therefore linking cannot be guaranteed. It is more a forum, rather than an offical register, in which donor-conceived individuals and donors can come and share their thoughts on the system of which they are a part; their concerns and their hopes for the future.

All personal or contact information provided to me is kept completely confidential.

Some information of what to include for donor-conceived individuals would be year of birth; clinic at which you were born (and the state the clinic is in); and information about physical appearance. For donors, this includes year of donation; clinic at which donation took place (and state clinic is in); and information about physical appearance.

Linking can never be achieved without a high-quality paternity test. However, by providing the information listed above, donor-conceived individuals and donors can become part of a nation-wide online community dedicated to sharing information which may lead to a link.

Also, please feel free to provide thoughts/suggestions/comments on an upcoming submission to Attorney-General Philip Ruddock myself and an academic from Melbourne Law School are preparing which argues for a national register to link donor-conceived individuals with their donors.


damianhadams said...

Hi Mike,
I'm donor conceived from Adelaide, could use your thoughts on a few legal issues.
If you could send me an email to
that'd be great.

Rel said...

Hey Mike,
I too am donor conceived and have set up a register on yahoogroups for Australians only. you should join up!

nice to meet you :)